Just Like Both of Us

In life our first job is this, to divide and distinguish things into two categories: externals I cannot control, but the choices I make with regard to them I do control. Where will I find good and bad? In me, in my choices.
— Epictetus

My choices have lead me to here, who I am. Your choices lead you to where you are. For both of us, some choices have been positive and some not so much. Some have be made in haste and some with deliberation and I can report that some hasty choice turned out positive and deliberation didn't not helped with some choices. For both of us, we can choose to be honest, kind, endure, have courage, face change. For both of us, some choices were made not by us consciously. Some because of environment, some because of genetics or history, some because of family. One choice creates an environment or history that sets us up for future choices, most or all of which we cannot predict. For both of us, better choices are made with better learning, contemplation, understanding, experience, a better environment. No guarantees, none at all. But the statistical odds are in our favor. This seems the best we can do. For both of us, realize the we all are bound by the choices made in life. If they’d known better they would have done better. Just like both of us.