Let philosophy scrape off your own faults, rather than be a way to rail against the faults of others.
— Seneca (Moral Letters, 103, 4b-5a)
Not yet but soon!

Not yet but soon!

I have been thinking lately what the difference is between long form books and short form blog posts and the difference between audiobooks and podcasts and also the difference between movies and youtube videos. I seems there is some condensation and the speed at which the shorter forms can be produced and consumed is their advantage. Another advantage they have is their relevant currency. This currency is also a disadvantage in that most of what is current is irrelevant tomorrow and don't I want to have my knowledge relevant? It takes time to develop an idea, to have it be absorbed.

That being said, there is still some value in the shorter forms.

I do learn from all these shorter forms. Samples. I follow a lot of blogs with a feed reader (Zen Habits, Altucher Confidential, Farnam Street, Seth's Blog, Darius Foroux, Sam Harris). Some podcasts are rocket fuel for knowledge and inspiration (You are not so smart, The James Altucher Show, Conversations with Tyler, Sam Harris). There are a few youtubers that bring newness, awareness, knowledge to me. (Mario TomicvlogbrothersTac BladesBig ThinkISHITANI FURNITURE)