Don’t give your attention away too easily.

When someone assents to a false proposition, be sure that they did not want to give their assent, since, as Plato says, ‘Every soul is deprived of the truth against its will.’ They simply mistook for true something false.
— Epictetus - Discourses I, 28.4-5
Snowshoeing with the sweety.

Snowshoeing with the sweety.

Our only hope in making a difference is to break the feedback loop of fear, lack of critical thinking, and misunderstanding. 

To throw cogs in the wheels of discontent. To be a light in the darkness. It starts with us. 

Protect the inputs in your life. This is where can fear enter if we’re not careful. 

Media has found that fear sells, fear motivates. Fear also divides, fear dulls reason. 

Don’t give your precious attention away too easily.