Spoon Carving with Jögge Sundqvist

I'm back from a week of being bathed in wood carving. Specifically, spoon carving and more specifically spoon carving in the Swedish style. There were 11 of us including Drew and Louise Langsner, the hosts and Jögge Sundqvist from Umeå, Sweden over for here for near a month giving classes.

I want to be sure to mention that Country Workshops is a first class place. The shop facilities are great. Huge selection of tools selected to fit the needs of the styles of wood craft taught. While the lodging was shared and rustic, it definitely fit with the whole character of the week. The food was superior. Louise does a magnificent job of creating a feast at every meal. Lots of goodies from her garden and from neighbors. Local food lovers rejoice.

It was so nice to immerse into an environment where there was so much energy devoted to spoon making. I'd divide things up into four themes. Spoon carving technique, spoon design, materials and something that is a bit harder to describe but for now we'll call it meaning.

Spoon Carving Technique

Jögge hollowing a
spoon bowl with a bent knife.

Maybe it was my imagination, but I remember

Jögge and his father Wille are cultural treasures in Sweden. Jögge studies