Smooth sanded spoons

Spalted Maple with ripple figure

Birch spoons, near spoon from birch from UofI arboretum, likely exotic. 

Also birch, near spoon River Birch.

The spoons are of the last few weeks production. I do work in a rustic leave the knife makes on the wood style and also a sanded smooth finish. These are of the latter. Buffed and waxed with a fine luster. The maple spoon really look great finely finished. I am looking for so wood that will led itself to a rougher finish. Fresh, I doo have a lead on some Honey Locust.

My Spinal went uneventful. Probably worked too much around it and took it too lightly. It will be a week or so before I'll have the results. Many of the tests are not usually done locally and have to be sent out by the lab. It seemed as I escaped the headaches usually associated with spinal taps but yesterday and today splitting headaches. Of course the walking into the tree headfirst causing scalp bleeding might have something to do with it.