Thinking more about the craftsman. Read wonderful article today on the problems of our current system of capitalism by David Simon: 'There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show.'

It got me thinking about the contrast between life as maker and life as manager.

The diminishment of labor. This is where we are headed as a society. As a maker, I see my labor as the main contribution to my craft. As capitalism diminishes labor because it is expensive, the place of the maker/laborer/craftsmen is lowered and has less value. The contribution the maker/laborer/craftsmen can make in a capitalistic project is tremendous if brought in at the right time. Why should a designer/financier/manger be in the position to receive more of the recognition and reward for a project? It seems that there are two positions. The maker/laborer/craftsmen and the designer/financier/manger. Dirty and clean. In the field and in an office. Less didactically trained and more formal eduction. Connected with materials and abstract thinkers. One benefits from the other. Not one is superior to another.

These are in complete thoughts on this subject. More to come.