The Craftsman by Richard Sennett

I’m currently reading The Craftsman by Richard Sennett. So far a wonderful modern look at crafts and the people and tools involved. One idea that I took away was the notion that communism focused on the worker and post world war Japanese society focused on the work. This difference was the difference between a society that afraid to insult the worker at the expense of insulting the work and a society the focused on the outcome or the work. How might this be framed in the art and craft world. Art being about the artist, their interpretation of their experience. Craft being about the work.

This book so far has brought in CAD drawing, Open Source software development, cell phone switching to show were the individual craftsmen/worker succeeds or fails in making a contribution and how tools help and hinder said expression. Really enjoy this on the recommendation of a craftsmen, Jarrod M Stone Dahl.