Developing My Personal Responsibility

Writing is a form of self actualization. I often don’t know what I think till I write about it. Writing flushes out ideas, molds goals, and adds meaning. I write primarily for me. A form of expression to self, a way for my better self to address my developing self. Even at 61 I'm developing. Hope to not stop any time soon.

My Rakusu Ring Project is in full swing. What is a rakusu ring you say? Well I usually explain it as a small wooden ring sewn in to a garment the is worn by some Zen practitioners during meditation. This is a project I’ve not been vocal about. Something I can do that most can not. A way to give gratitude to my tribe of Zennists. It is sometimes busy, I try not to let it overwhelm, and it helps motivate me get to the shop. 

Right now I’m considering changing methods. Till now, I’ve usually worked with the individual and through discussion found a wood species that worked or spoke to the individual. Then I made the ring. Usually not have any made in advance. Lately more groups have approached me for a batch of rings. This is less satisfying than knowing and conversing with individuals. I think my methods might be putting some off. So I’m thinking I’ll of creating some rings and posting them as what is currently available and offering the chance to choose a wood species. 

Here is a link to the Rakusu Ring Project

Here is a picture of rakusu with a ring. (I did not this make ring.)


Here is a picture of one of my current rakusu rings.