What Happens after Death

"What Happens after Death" number 74 of 200 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

What happens after death? We don't really know, but we'll find out soon enough. Does this answer satisfy? Maybe.

There is the phenomenal side of our death. The circumstance of our death will be whatever it is. Most of the time we don't wonder about how we will die, what the process will be. We only wonder about after...

What about before? Why is that we don't wonder and worry about before our birth? Won't after life be just like before life? While we might be, to varying degrees, anxious about our death, we are not at all anxious about our birth? In fact, I've never before this considered that my birthing might have been an anxiety producing event. Imagine, being before conception and consider 'what happens in life?' Where does this get you?

Confused and uncertain? Good!

Today I added a link that opened up a small collection of audio talks by my teacher, Jack Duffy. These were recorded at various sesshins. Have a listen and if there are questions or problems, let me know.

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