"Vacancy!" number 44 of 200 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

Today's miniature is a little vacant? A sleep talking Roshi? My own confusion.

I continue to study my posture when sitting. Watching how my thought stream is influenced by the position of hips, vertebrae, shoulders, and skull. I hold these structures in a column, lightly and mindfully, focusing my attention by scanning from hips to skull a time or two. Then I relax into the space that arises. Spine held with attention, the thought stream slows. Which aspect proceeds which? Can posture be worked with because the thought stream is quiet or does the thought stream become quiet when the posture is in alignment? Does this matter? Maybe.

How do you work with your posture?

Provided we keep a constant eye on our own faults,
We cannot go astray from the right path.
           Hui Neng

1971 TV program that films a conversation with Alan Watts. In 1971 he shows himself to be a concerned environmentalist. What would he be saying on this topic if he was around today. I don't know much about Alan's personal history. My view is from just what I've heard and read. His books and his audio. I sense that many conservative Zen practitioners in the West don't hold Alan to highly.

In this 30 minute program, Alan Watts talks about the interconnectedness of life and wonders how we've gone so far astray by polluting our environment. Worth 30 minutes.