The Gurgling Magpie

"The Gurgling Magpie", number 150 of 188 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

Owl Pellet

We have an owl in the neighborhood that has been quite vocal. In the evenings and in the morning she calls like a wounded cat.

At first we thought it might be a Screech Owl because of the its call. Now that we have seen it in the woods and hunting on our neighbors stubble field we think it is a Great Horned Owl. Still with a sad call.

One thing I'm learning is that the naming of things is unimportant. Yet sometimes I can not help myself.

"Take an interest in all crafts that support your writing. To do your best, help others do their best." Roy Peter Clark

This his how Roy Peter Clark from the Poynter Institute starts his podcast "Roy's Writing Tool #46". This advice can be taken up in most every field whether that field is Zen or woodworking.

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