Son of a Famous Man Syndrome

"Son of a Famous Man Syndrome" number 110 of 200 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

From WoodenZen

This miniature ends with "Watch out! You might succeed!"
You don't have to be the 'son of a famous man" to use this as a life koan. Commonly implied on this is the idea that there is something negative about success.  At least that is how Robert Aitken used the expression. And yet, it could easily be twisted to the notion admonishing the careful attention that leads to success.

The suddenness of a shout to "Watch out!", brings us up to the moment. Dropped are the stories of this and that. Continuously dropping the story of my existence. Subtler and subtler, till even the notion of any thing separate to drop or any time in which anything seperate can exist, drops away.

Till then, "Watch out! You might succeed!"

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Miniatures of a Zen Master
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