Repetition, routine, habit

Is there more important fixtures of a life well lived? I’m thinking smart, thoughtful, intentional repetition. Not the blind, rout kind of habitual routines we can be lulled into as escape.  A different kind.

Many things are built on repetition, routine, habit. This is how a woodworker develops skills, how a new language is learned, how a body is physically maintained, and many, many other things. These things are our what we strive to become, rather that is to write a book or be more present in our relationships.

Some things take more repetition than others. Love takes the most. Hugs, kisses, "I Love You’s”. It takes more than suspected to sustain and grow love. 

"Take action -> learn from it -> do it better. Rinse. Repeat. Watch your efforts compound over time.”

Compounding through smart, thoughtful, intentional repetition grows slowly until you look back and see where you have come from. 

The habits we groove become who we are, one minute at a time. A small thing, repeated, is not a small thing.
2 year ago - Image by  Will Simpson

2 year ago - Image by Will Simpson

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Credits — Rohan

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