Production and Mistakes

Production of breadboards for the Farmers Market

Production of metal material rack and bird feeder bracket. 

Thinking some more about mistakes. Mistakes of co-mission and mistakes of omission. Examples of mistakes of co-mission are, cutting to wrong side of a line, not sanding all the marks out of board, miss measuring, drilling too large of hole, planing a board in the wrong direction. Examples of mistakes of omission are, forgetting to share appreciative thoughts with friends, not sharing where I can, cutting corners and leaving of decorative or functional details on projects. These are the mistakes that haunt me. They so where I am not fully present. 

Production. It feels good to be in a production mode. Creativity done and now producing.  I have a couple simple production runs under way. Kitchen cutting boards - six of them at once - and a set of three material racks. Nice to do one after the other, each operation in sequence. Working towards a finished item, product, thing - brought into the world where nothing existed before. This is a far cry from “art”. So be it, It feels wonderful to be the guide in the loop of production. Without the actual work nothing would get done. In the work, in the doing is where the good stuff is. The feelings of flow.

Things I’m working on in the shops. Too many projects all at once.

  1. Cherry table top for Paul
  2. Under counter cutting board replacement for Sara
  3. Cedar outdoor alter shelf for Paul
  4. Six cutting boards for the Farmers Market
  5. Three material brackets for metal storage
  6. Decorative bird feeder bracket
  7. Roof rack for my truck
  8. Long curtain rod for outdoor bamboo shade 
  9. A dozen spoons in various stages of completion
  10. Bottlestoppers
  11. Rolling pins for the Farmers Market
  12. Rebuilding a pair of 16 spoke 4’ dia. wooden carriage wheels