Mother's Inability

Robert Aitken's mother was a talented and engaged woman who raised two sons. She was troubled in her relationship with her mother.  Aitken confesses, "This karma affected her marriage, and ultimately me, I'm sure, though I lack the insight to say just how."

"I lack the insight to say just how." Thank you roshi for this teaching. The rains don't come and the wind blows hard. I eat my dinner alone. Knowing or not knowing is not the trouble. Want one or the other and the road to hell is paved with questions. 

Sycamore spoons, roughed out and ready for finishing.
carving by Will Simpson
From Spoonery

Listen to an NHPR 2004 recorded interview with ... "Dan Dustin is a wood artisan and spoon maker from Contoocook, New Hampshire. He's been using his own unique method of making wooden spoons for 30 years. He begins by going into the woods, and "finding" the spoons within the branches of trees. He says the trees make the spoons, he just discovers them. His spoons cost as much as $100."