Marketing vs Making

Maple Spoon
I've been waiting till I had pictures of the progress on the Dutch Toolbox to post here but I've had a health setback that has kept me from much progress.
Today Mark Terry came out for a visit and it was a welcome change to my routine. We are like minded woodworkers exploring the same books (By Hand and Eye) the same we sites and largely the same shop projects.
I have spent too much time organizing and outfitting my shop and too little time building and designing furniture. This is a situation the must be overcome.
Selling my work thereby making room to make more is hard and I don't like it and I'm no good at it. I am not a marketer, I'm a maker. Do we see the problem here. I can only have so many spoons. I probably have 60 spoons scattered around the house. Many will never be used. I have maybe 10 that are in various stages of completion. And this is just spoons. I have a pair of tables that could use a different home. I feel the need to move (sell) them before I can make more. Making more will improve my skill set and put me in the position to grow.
Marketing is a huge challenge. Not something I'm good at and I want to resist the notion that "I can do that". I can't and do a good job. Some of the people I consider successful at this are Mike McCoy who lets his daughter do the social networking marketing and another father\daughter team. The things I make have to go somewhere, Mary and I have too many. I'm looking for an outlet.
My friend Geoff Crimmins a photographer at the local Daily News newspaper won a gaggle of awards for his work in this year's Utah-Idaho-Spokane Associated Press Association's annual news contest. Congratulations Geoff. To bad the newspaper doesn't make it easy to reference this. There web site is for subscribers only and even though I'm a subscriber I've had nothing but troubles and still can't login. Fail.