It has been awhile


I have be diagnosed with a brain condition which goes by the acronym of CLIPPERS. Chronic lymphocytic inflammation with pontinocelebellar perivascular enhancement responsive to steroids or CLIPPERS for short. Most of the cases, of which there are only a few, show on MRI involvement of the pontine, a small midline structure deep in the brain. My involvement is only in the cerebellum, which connects with the pontine.

Here are some pictures that show my brain.

Post Contrast T2

It doesn't look like much but the symtoms are pretty rough. Fortunately they are not so bad as to prevent me from working. Sometime I should write down the whole affair. Brain biopsy, cancer workup, full body CT and multiple lumbar punctures. Turns out that steroids are the treatment and they worked originally. Then after 4 months I went 6 weeks without a treatment and had a relapse and now have to basically start over. 

Anyways, enough for now about my brain. Been in the shop some and have some spoons that I have to photograph for the blog.