How would I live if I knew I’d live 100 more years?

One of the best things I ever did to change my life (along with calorie tracking, exercise, reading, journaling, backpacking, meditating) is to focus on my health. This is still a work in progress. I try and be open to new information that modifies my thinking. 

I am continually asking myself, “Am I doing the optimal things with regards to my health?" I'm trying to make up for all the poor health decisions I made when younger. 

A thought experiment: “How would I live if I knew I’d live 100 more years?” Rather than the cliche: “How would I live if I know today was my last day?” This is not a excuse to put off action “because I have 100 years” it is more a spur because I only have 100 years! But pressure is off because if an action doesn’t succeed, I have time to improve and try again. I can work on improvement. 

Seems a little weird to consider this as a short couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder with an unknown outcome. Of course death is the outcome but it appeared to be sooner rather than later. Now I’m considered what it would be like to live for another 100 years. This brings up a few questions.

  • Would I do the things I’m doing now if I knew I’d live for 100 more years?
  • How would I shape my activities?
  • Would I spend time journaling like I do?
  • Could I do more making?
  • Would I have the relationships I do?
  • Could I find meaningful work?
  • Could I eat better and workout differently?
  • Could I be more or less politically active?
  • Can I be a person of action?
  • Would I hesitate to act? To be present?
  1. Thinking, materially only appears in the mind. No mind, no thinking. Change thinking, change mind.
  2. Thinking is valid only to the degree that it reflects or correlates with what is outside mind.
  3. Thinking that does not reflect this validity is called a delusion.

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