Get Serious

"Get Serious" number 29 of 200 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

Time to get serious. Morning has arrived and a big day is ahead.

This morning me and my homies meet to listen to a dharma talk and discuss what ever comes up. This reading slash discussion group is made up of practitioners with different levels of seriousness and even some who are not practitioners. An eclectic group. Nice that there is a couple of husband and wife pairs who come. Wish I could confidence my Mary to go. Suggest and encourage is all we can do.

"Am I being serious enough?" is a constant question for me. This is the sister question to "Am I doing it right?". Oh well, move through the day and be what happens.

Current reading list
Keep Me In Your Heart A While - Dasho Port
Mind of Clover - Robert Aitken
Essential Zen - Tanahashi & Schneider
Zen Computer - Philip Toshio Sudo
Everyday Zen - Charlotte Joko Beck