Colonel Boogie March

"Colonel Boogie March", number 139 of 188 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

From WoodenZen

We are in a run of autobiographical miniatures. For some reason these seem less interesting. Today the Roshi reminisces about a show tune he originally heard during his interment. He associates the tune with such a positive experience that he is drawn to see the movie over and over.

Isn't this how we all move through life, somehow drawn to ideas and events by unacknowledged forces. These forces pull and push at us and until exposed to the light of day, we are slaves to their directions.

One path (psychoanalysis) would have us explored each event to discover its root. One path (Zen) would have us drop the whole structure built up around ideas and rooting around in story.

Rooting around in my story. Rooting around in my story. How silly! Make up a story about life, call it mine then root around in it. Try and make it pretty and neat, complain when it isn't smooth, compare it with other made up stories just as screwed up as mine. This scene in the play isn't even funny or even the least bit interesting. Yet I perpetuate it endlessly.

I revised the number of miniatures reported in the book. For some reason I miscounted them. There are only 188 miniatures not 200. I'm not going to change the number on the ones already commented on.

Maybe the universe is inviting me to add 12 of my own?

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Miniatures of a Zen Master
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