At Waimanalo Pier

"At Waimanalo Pier", number 125 of 200 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

This miniature is about the opportunities a parent has for kindness. Not having kids, I can only relate in a relative way.

Yet kindness is never not appreciated. At home or work there is always room for more kindness. There can never be too much kindness.

Robert Aitken says "Sunday should be a day of sympathy and support." This is a bit too defined and restrictive. Not likely his intent. Sunday is no special day. Every day, every moment is an opportunity for kindness. It is true we don't see as much kindness at work or school. We can say "I'll be kind today, right now and not wait." Certainly Aitken wasn't suggesting reserving sympathy and support and only bringing it out on Sundays.

Yet, traditions can be built and be very helpful. Regularly taking time to rest and revitalize was likely the original intent of the sabbath.

"When you forget yourself and put your wholehearted effort into facing every moment, then you can really enjoy your life."
Dainin Katagiri

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Miniatures of a Zen Master
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