7 Ways to Get the Superpower of Diversification

The mark and attitude of the ordinary man: never look for help or harm from yourself, only from outsiders. The mark and attitude of the philosopher: look for help and harm exclusively from yourself.
— Epictetus - Enchiridion 48
  1. Diversify ideas
    Brain storm and don’t worry about whether or not ideas seem connected. Consider this "building your idea muscle.” Ideas connect and become useful in often surprising ways. 
  2. Diversify relationships
    I’m an introvert and sort of proud of it. Well, I’d say more than proud, I’ve embraced my inner introversion. But this is an area wanting attention. More meetings equal a broader world view and this we can use.
  3. Diversify the day
    Watch routines, that they are not followed blindly and without awareness. Be mindful. If I don’t steer my activities, someone or something else will take over. Changing up my activities keeps things fresh and invites new opportunities.
  4. Diversify creative output
    I’m learning that environment is key to the creative process. Maybe you like it messy and unstable. Maybe orderly and familiar. Don’t be stuck. Try different environments and watch the outcomes. Try different outlets: woodworking, metalworking, blogging, journaling, sewing, cooking...
  5. Diversify thoughts
    I spend too much time thinking about food and women or is it, women and food. I miss out one billions of other fun lines of thought. If I had to recite my thought process it would immediately become boring and repetitive. Meditation helps the thought process to slow down. Both while meditating and between meditation sessions. It tames and trains the “monkey mind”.
  6. Diversify reading 
    Too much of one genera and a dearth of others is recipe for a one sided world view. I currently read three books at a time. Based on the technology of the reading experience not based on genera. 96% non fiction philosophy or science. Maybe adding a forth book in the fiction genera is called for. Reading is the only thing that keeps me from ignorance.
  7. Diversify fitness
    This is a way to stay motivated. At different times explore diet, weight training, steady state cardio, NEAT, walking, backpacking, flat water kayaking. It would be sad to be 90 years old and reflect back to 2017 and know that if I had done a few things differently I wouldn’t hurt so much every time I pee. 


The seed for this post came from James Altucher.