4 areas to improve your Grit


by Angela Duckworth

Interesting and inspiring book. Points out where we tend to go astray in our view of the importance of grit versus natural talent. To develop mastery, which do you think is more valuable, grit or natural talent? The author takes the side of grit being more important for building mastery and she goes about describing the way others have developed grit and mastery. She then maps out a path for us mere mortals.

First, too many project, jumping from one to another. It take time to become expert. I am not dedicated in any of my endeavors to reach anything close to fluency. This is who I am. If I want more grit then I have to act differently. 

Second, she makes a distinction between short, medium and long term goals. Each level should support the next. This is an area where I'm struggling. I have lots of short and medium term goals but they are unattached to anything. I have trouble formulating long term goals so I don't know if my short and medium term goals are supportive or a distraction. 

Third I see where I’m falling down with my focused practice. Practice doesn’t have to be pleasant. Practice can be seen mostly as a means to an end but there has to be enough little moments of flow, feelings of meaning, to make practice a habit. I can make a habit of practice but it doesn't follow the "deliberate practice" model. 

Fourth, goal pruning. She mentions Warren Buffett's advice to list your 25 goals and then reflect and pick the 5 most important by whatever criteria. Then view the remaining 20 goals as diversions, a waste of time, detractors from what is important and drop them. Angela goes further and says that I should focus on one goal instead of 5. 

This after reading only the first half of the book. Books are so powerful in how they can change life. 

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