Stoic Work

… Do the work of a human. What do humans do? They eat, defecate, journal, mediate, go to town, have a job, have a family, interact with each other. Which of these things are outside our control and which are within our control? All are outside our control except how we interact with others. This is where we can improve a lot. So much of our lives are centered around externalities. So little is about virtue. Virtue as I understand it is the goodness in you that can’t be disturbed by outside events. That is the steady state of eudaemonia. This is our usefulness.

Credits — Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations

Image by  Will Simpson

Image by Will Simpson

This is a journal entry meant as a reminder to me. It is a reminder to me how I want to operate and some tips put together in a moment of clarity to help when I am less clear and caught up in stuff the I can’t control.  Continue the conversation anytime: