Just finish the book ’Stir - My Broken Brain and the Meals That Brought Me Home’ by Jessica Fechtor. ‘Beginnings happen all the time.’ She is struck by an brain aneurysm in her 20's. Each event leads to an opportunity. Engaging writing. Shows how meals are community building, an expression of love and commitment permeating life if we allow it. She tells this story for the point of view of a sudden loss then a long slow twisted rediscovery. The trials are heart breaking but the attitude she brings to the table is brave and very mature. There is no mysterious cause or blame only fact. Move ahead and be thankful seemed to be her mode of operation. She never loses sight (except visually in her left eye) of many friends and support. Mixed with great food writing and some interesting recipes.

This is in contrast to the hugely shallow “Wild” movie. The trials are not the same and the journey has no comparison.