Six Essentials

"Six Essentials" number 34 of 200 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

Here are the six essentials as Aitken Roshi sees them.
(Through the filter of Will. Reminder, any errors or delusion here is owned by me alone.)

  1. There is no need to rush. Everything has its own pace.
  2. We are constantly presenting our koan. Sometimes skillfully, sometimes not.
  3. Be present to what is actually happening. Reality rules!
  4. There is a difference to life when intimate. Be ordinary. 
  5. Don't be fooled by opinion. Especially our own.
  6. "What does "mu" mean to you? What does "body and mind drop away" mean to you? Show me!" 

What are your six essentials?