Searching for lost mojo

Motivation ebbs and flows.
For me, especially the woodshop is the opportunity to practice various techniques to stimulate motivation. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. I usually spend a few minutes each time I have some shop time, sweeping the floor. This simple meditative practice stills my mind and puts me in the wood mode. Sometimes this is enough motivation sometimes not. Lately I’ve tried scheduling time on a calendar for shop time and I just go into the shop with no specific intentions. Sitting and reading would be okay. Usually I get something done. Clean up and organization. I move a few projects forward a little bit. Eventually they will be done. I’ve also tried making a list of projects in process and became overwhelmed. So I trimmed it quite a bit and am committing to “DONE” in 3 weeks and tracking my progress daily. This what is called a Habit Sprint. At the end of 3 weeks (June 15th) I’ll review and adjust. Review and adjust are the important parts.