Keeping self on straight and narrow. So many blind alleys, so many distractions. I want to do my best and this is hard work. Many are doing this work. 

Only go straight. Try, try try. Today might be my last day. It might be the last day for anyone I meet. Meet them fully. Be who I want to be. See the way I want to be seen. Look at life fully and with an open mind. Free of biases and illusions. Fill life with kindness. This is the hard work of being a human.


Super podcast featuring a conversation with Tristan Harris. Tristan is a former Design Ethicist at Google and left the company to lead Time Well Spent. A company looking at and educating technologists and the public, us, about the problems of the attention economy. Take back our time and apply it where we find value not where some corporation finds value.

How to like people. Simple reminders.