Poetry. I’d have never thought it would speak to me. Of course I haven’t given it a chance and the chances I did give poetry soured me on it. I think it is because some poets are heavy into metaphor and simile (what ever that is) and what attracts me is a simpler way, a painting of a real picture not something pointing towards something else, hoping the poor reader (me) is smart enough to get the reference. 

This make for 3 poets I found I enjoy, Mary Oliver, Billy Collins and now Raymond Carver. 

Maybe low-brow but it is me.

I’m surprised to find reading this poetry compounds meaning as in clarifying experience, bring more fully in the present.


Where Water Comes Together with Other Water by Raymond Carver

Who knew I’d love poetry. I’m a poetry lover! At least a Raymond Carver poetry lover.

I want help finding other poets of this caliber. One's who don't try and impress us with metaphors and similes.

I found this collection lively. Parts where dark but so is life. Apparently Raymond's contained some pretty dark parts. I felt guided, not talked down to and not asked to figure out tricky metaphors.

Favorites: Fear, The Ashtray, The poem I didn’t write, My Dad’s Wallet, The Pipe, My Death, and A Haircut

Now I’m on to A New Path to the Waterfall by Raymond Carter another collection of his poems.