It may not be what we want but it is what we got

Image by  Will Simpson

Image by Will Simpson

Today’s slogan is ‘Whatever you meet unexpectedly, join with meditation.’ Similar to the Stoics practice of ‘The obstacle is the way.’ This is the leaning in needed to be a full participant in your life. 

This “join with meditation” sounds so formal. But instead it is our whole practice, to be human, or as the Stoics would say, our path. Our journey. Mediation here refers to our path, our journey and not some formal thing we only do on the mat. Our whole life is a meditation and sometimes we are buffeted by the unexpected. The course we thought we were on turns out not to be so. This slogan tells us that the way forward is to apply the unexpected as our path, to absorb the unexpected into our path, to except changes both welcome and unwelcome.. 

This is best viewed as an opportunity. We get to now practice with what something new. We get to see what metal, what practice stability we have developed when things were going sweetly. 

Suddenly I’m reminded not to coast when things are easy. Instead use the time to prepare and practice for the coming unexpected.

I hope you have an awesome day!

Credits — The 59 Lojong Slogans - Atisha's mind-training techniques. Commentary by Judy Lief Tricycle Magazine 2010

This journal is meant as a reminder to my future self. A reminder to him how to operate in the world with love and compassion and some tips put together in a moment of clarity to help him when he is less clear and caught up in stuff the he can’t control.  Continue the conversation anytime: