How is it that we lose sight of the awesomeness of our lives?

Some of the time we are able to connect with the beauty around us, the celebration of friendship, the mystery of existence. 

We are uplifted by these moments.

But, sadly most of the time we are asleep to the beauty, friendship, and mystery in our lives. I know I am.

We are too busy with the mundane to notice the miraculous. Email, shopping, bills, distractions of all types grow like compounding interest not by simple addition. 

We become acclimatized to our world, the beauty, friendship, and mystery around us becomes taken for granted.  The mundane can grow in overpowering proportions.

This is normal and part of being human. But it is a part we can change, maybe in only a small way but even that is worth the effort.

What can we do to combat this sleepwalking through life.

  • Develop a practice of looking around with a childlike or puppy like eyes. What would our day look like from a child’s or puppy’s perspective.

  • Look and identify, a few times a day, specific things to be thankful for. The rain sounds, this cup of coffee, puppy yelping as he chases rabbits in his sleep, warmth of this mornings fire.

  • Face others with an open heart. Be tender, everyone is struggling on their “Personal Legend”, their journey is as complicated, stressful, and filled with questions as yours.

Credits — Leo Babauta

Image by  Will Simpson

Image by Will Simpson

I hope you’ve had a awesome, fulfilling day.

This is a journal entry meant as a reminder to me. It is a reminder to me how I want to operate and some tips put together in moments of clarity to help when I am less clear and caught up in stuff the I can’t control. Continue the conversation anytime: