Habits and Hugs

Habit have their strengths and weaknesses. They can help us with developing good behaviours and keep us stuck in behaviors that are not helpful. There are tricks, tips and various techniques that can help in developing new and desirable habits. Developing habits like meditating each morning, stretching, doing 60 pushups a day, keeping a gratitude journal, push one in a uplifting direction. Each habit success leads into the next. The weakness in developing new and desired habits is that the activity loses its uniqueness, the loss of novelty and surprise. It becomes rote and automatic. This is something that some people revolt against. Any automatic behaviour is looked at as a sort of surrender of 'free will'. What free will? I for one an willing to try and develop positive behaviours and have them as automatic as possible. I don't want to have to decide each morning to write in my gratitude journal, I just want it to happen. 

If I want my life to turn out differently than its current trajectory, then I need to think and act differently. I don’t want to fall into a sort of status quo. A limbo where my thinking and my actions are ‘good enough’. I don’t want to settle. Root out those things that hold me back. Find and nurture those that help me grow. 

Yesterday was a record tying day for hugs at the Moscow Farmers Market. Twenty one.