Focusing on Habits

Rough night. Didn't sleep too much and I think I woke Mary a couple of times. Thought a lot about Sting. Played with Dave Matthews Band at Atlanta for the NCAA Final Four concert. I'm currently read his book "Broken Music: A Memoir". How he was able to compartmentalize parts of live. How he went for mastery though habit (the things we do everyday and every week become habits). There is a lot for us to learn there.  

I just finished "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business" Charles Duhigg and originally though it was to preachy and was offended by the religious references. I want to share my desire to change some of my habits. Starting with posting here. I plan on using this forum to share about (in no special order) my health and CLIPPERS, my woodworking progress, photography, my exploration of Mu and Zen and my cooking experiments.


Now I need a habit and a system. Added Amazon Affiliate Program and Cross Posting to Facebook.