Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Hijack Your Brain

Such as are your habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of your mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts. Dye it then with a continuous series of such thoughts as these: for instance, that where a man can live, there he can also live well.
— Marcus Aurelius - Meditations V.16
  • Protect your time.
  • Say no to somethings.
  • Don’t live in reaction.
  • Fight off the distractions in the environment. 
  • Block access.
  • Protect your brain.
  • Guard it.

Remove all entry points to your brain except those you can control. Unrestrained consumption of media is mentally unsanitary. Engineer your environment, creating the opportunity for a self directed, purposeful world view.

In my experience Marcus Aurelius is correct, my thoughts color my world. Actually, without exaggeration. When I’m happy the whole world is happier. When I’m frustrated, everything contributes. Check this in your own experience. So it makes sense to work where we have control. If thoughts lead to feelings, and we see our feelings played out in the world, controlling or screening thoughts can help paint the world with happiness and equanimity. Not easy. Takes practice. Environment plays a huge role. Watch what notions you let in.