It’s none of my business what people think of me.
— Paraphrasing Richard Feynman

Latest metal working project. A 6 sided fire pit. Welded and ready for paint. I used this project to practice my TIG welding skills. I hope I got a bit better. It take time, seat time, to get skilled at any endeavor. 

Life can be full of distractions. But exactly are we being distracted from? Can we choose what we are distracted towards? I think this is individual.

Ultimately distractions keep us from being present with whatever is happening. Being present to whatever is happening is the path to leading a virtuous life.

Distractions can be petty, like being distracted at dinner time by reading the newspaper. Sometimes we use distractions to avoid painful choices in life - this can be less than petty. The problem is we are poor judges of our distractions are mild and when they are holding is back from living a full and engaged life. 

Rather than worrying about distractions, I want to focus on being present and begin to notice when I'm drifting away from being present, and just return. This is hard work and something I’m practicing with mixed success.