I hadn't considered redefining what I consider “done” in terms of my languishing partly done projects until a short email conversation with Barry Gordon, spoon maker extraordinaire, he shared a couple interesting tidbits that are food for thought. First, even he, an expert, feels ‘lucky’ when working in a flow state. Music helps. Second, even he, an expert, is sometimes trapped by tedium and boredom. Anticipation of success helps. Third, he suggested that I look at where I’ve stopped and consider that stopping place satisfying and not worry about some preconceived notion of ‘done’.  As he says, “… winter and its wood heating still seems to arrive each year.” He reminded me that anything we call ‘done’ is just exists at an arbitrary stopping point on a long continuum. We can move ‘done’ to any point on that continuum we feel is helpful. Easy, just be different.

Still there something about being an adult, about facing the parts of life that don't excite me, about doing the work, about committing to a goal, about follow through, about not shying away when thing get hard, about not always being comfortable. I'm 58 and still act like a 8 year old, abandoning projects half done when I lose interest. Maybe these notions of being a mature and responsible adult are holding me back. I plan on continuing to explore this topic.