Be careful that special care is given to the people close to me and be sure they don’t lose the preciousness that attracted me to them in the first place.

Caring comes in a couple of flavors. We sometimes cloud our caring with expectations, with ideas we have behaviors which we think are worthy of our caring. Our caring is rooted unconsciously in our biases. I do this. It is poison. I’m dealing with this now. I want to give space and care with the right intentions. This is work that I must do for myself. I want to see this as an opportunity. It is the ones closest to us which we have ideas about how they should act in the world. This short circuits connection and the love one want to foster with caring. It is especially sad when we do this with the one we so badly want to connect with. 

Image by  Will Simpson

Image by Will Simpson

I hope you’ve had a awesome, fulfilling day.

This is a journal entry meant as a reminder to me. It is a reminder to me how I want to operate and some tips put together in moments of clarity to help when I am less clear and caught up in stuff the I can’t control. Continue the conversation anytime: