Better Than Before

Grandmother Mountain 

Grandmother Mountain 

A confluence of memes are coming together. 

A good life is found in the process of living a good life. I know this sounds circular and it probably is, in the way it is a feedback loop. Let go of trying to have perfection and look to life being a bit better than it used to be. Focus on this and watch it grow.

Being and having. Two world views. We have been thoroughly soaked in the view that having is the only goal. Having stuff, having knowledge, and having relationships. The more the better. Being has been given the short shrift. Poorly integrated into life. Relegated to religion and its associated mumbo jumbo. How do we rescue ‘being’? Dogen says, in the Uji chapter of the Shobogenzo, that time and being are the same. Investigate this thoroughly.

Life is all too short. There is no way to know the time left.