Before I get frustrated, ask myself what my frustration will accomplish

Image by  Will Simpson   A collection of yard debris Zivon tries to seek into the house.

Image by Will Simpson

A collection of yard debris Zivon tries to seek into the house.

I’ve been noticing a bunch of parallels between life with a puppy and mindfulness training. 

My puppy, Zivon, is giving me plenty of opportunities to practice being mindful, to watch how our minds play tricks on us and get us to do things that are not in our best interest. 

He is constantly comparing what he has with what he wants and if what he sees is more enticing than what is being offered, he quickly runs off. Lately he is choosing the apple tree rather than coming in the house where I can continue reading my book. Wonder of wonders. What interest does reading my book hold for him? He’s a puppy and sees the world from his perspective. I have to somehow be more enticing to him than the apple tree. 

What does my frustration with him accomplish in the moment of his choosing the apple tree. Nothing, well not quite. You see he is quicker than me and he gets what he wants, the half rotten apples, I in turn get raised blood pressure, a cortisol spike, a hoarse voice from yelling, and I potentially hurt myself stumbling after him. All this and there becomes a small momentary divide between us.  

This is not a desired outcome yet I can easily fall into it when my mindfulness is sleeping. 

Today I resolve to be more mindful of the puppy and his desire for the apple tree.

Hope you have an awesome day!

This journal is meant as a reminder to my future self. A reminder to him how to operate in the world with love and compassion and some tips put together in a moment of clarity to help him when he is less clear and caught up in stuff the he can’t control.  Continue the conversation anytime: