Jack, the more I practice the more I realize just how little I know about Zen. I'm writing this right after our book discussion and I'm finding talking about Zen ain't too helpful. Sometimes I feel like a lot of what passes for Zen is nothing but commentary. Like a movie critic, critiquing life. Counter productive yet the social norm. Acceptably missing the point! Popular commentators on Zen seem to be grubbing around looking for something broken that when fixed will bring salvation. This appeals to a Western sense. Yet still misses by a mile. I must confess that I don't know a thing about Zen. I don't know why I practice. I can't remember even why I came to the practice. Maybe it is transient, but I find my desire to hold ideas in my mind weakening even more. I have no idea about Zen and am comforted by that. Weird confession. The practice be so nebulous. To say it is "everything" or "your practice is your practice" is a cop out. I sit. That is about all I can say for sure. Well maybe I can't say there is any "I", so just --- sit. There. -- Your turn. Will