My Work Practice :: Making Rakusu Rings

Below is a list of woods I’ve worked with in the past and images of rings I've made. These are already in service around the world. All these actual particular rings are in service. I'd be glad to make you one out of any of these woods. Email me at and let’s discuss your wood choice and timeline. To produce a ring for you takes about a week or two. 

I sometimes have wood species that are not represented here. This is just a sampling, the one I would make for you is different because wood color and grain pattern, even in the same species of wood, the same tree are varied. If you see any here you like, or have questions email at

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to see THE NAMES OF THE Wood Species.


Woods I’ve used in the past.

  • Birds Eye Maple

  • Pacific Yew

  • Big Leaf Maple Burl

  • Sycamore

  • Redwood Burl

  • Box Elder Burl

  • Walnut

  • Madrone

  • Lacewood

  • Rosewood

  • Western Hemlock

  • Bocote

  • Cherry

  • Black Locust Burl

  • Wild Plum

  • Oregon Myrtle

  • Spalted Maple

  • Bug Killed Ponderosa Pine

  • Black Ash

  • White Ash

  • Ambrosia Maple

  • Olive

  • Cypress

  • California Pepper Wood

  • Red Oak

  • White Oak

  • Ebony


Making and distributing the rings has been a service project for me. Many people have asked what they can send me in return and my stock response has been nothing. And that is fine. Rather you are making your own rakusu or making one for someone else, please don't let cost be a factor. The "suggested dana" is $25.00 shipping included, $35.00 international shipping, or donate what moves you.


May the universe tickle you during Zazen!