About ME

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Hello. I’m Will. What really matters to me is a way to know me.

My wife, Mary matters. She is my hazel-eyed girl with an enormous heart. Her love constantly reminds me of the beauty in me. Being with Mary extends my life expectancy, loads, I’m sure.

Journaling matters. Evernote is now my prefer journaling platform. I quietly express experiences in my journal. Journaling is the best part of my day. It satisfies my technical itch and is not only my journal but also my external brain.

Reading matters. Reading is the only thing that separates me from ignorance. Reading evolves my world view. It is how I build models to use in relating to others. Currently reading the poetry of Raymond Carver. 

Smiling matters. Connecting with you matters. A smile compounds its warmth. I give one and see one in return. There is a never end supply.

Fitness matters. Fitness for me is a combination of diet, weight lifting and steady state cardio. This is a keystone habit that bleeds into all areas of my life. 

Focus matters. I used to be more reserved and distracted. I missed out a lot because of it. I’m trying to focus on the matters more. Living a meaningful life is not a matter of compounding activities, but compounding meaning.

Living a meaningful life matters. This is an area of continuous exploration. Learning and exposure to fresh ideas about this important life skill continues. I used to focus on things in my life that didn’t work. Now I try and quickly let go of notions and actions that don’t work.  Try and grasp what really matters and live honestly.